Frankish and Venetian rule

Θάσος, Φραγκοκρατία When Constantinople was occupied by the Franks, Thassos was given to Enrico Dandolo, doge of Venece (1204). From then on, a number of conquerors cast an envious eye on the beautiful island.

In 1306, the Byzantine emperor Michael Palaiologos gave Thassos to the Genoese adventurer Francisco Gateluzzi. During those years Thassos developed especially in the field of trade. The Gateluzzi family remained on the island until 1455 AD, when Thassos was occupied by the Turks. The next century passed rather quietly, while in the end of the 17th century Sicilian, Genoese, Venetian, Slav, Catalan and even Greek pirates invade into cities and villages destroying and looting.