Prinos-Skala Prinou © Fotosense Δ Κ

Prinos-Skala Prinou

Financially it is one of the most important areas of Thassos, since the discovery of an oil resource and the installation of oil rigs in it’s sea area. Prinos (Kalivia), is located in the highlands of the are and is the main settlement.

Large and with dense population, it is the commercial and cultural center of the area, but given it’s distance from the sea (2 klm), it never participated in the islands tourist development. In the vicinity, there is a small zone in which the Organic Olive Mills of Thassos are located, producing the famed for it’s salutary attributes biological olive oil “Kardiofilo”. There are also the salt olive processing plant, belonging to the Agricultural Association of Prinos, and the Apiarian Association of Thassos.

Skala Prinou is located in the coastline and has direct access to Kavala through ferry boats. It is a settlement that developed without planning to aiming to accommodate the docking ships and their travelers. Still, it’s sandy, emerald shores manage to lure in travelers.

Merged today with Skala Prinou and with the tourist aspect developed, the new settlement of Prinos, also known as “dasillio”, has unique natural beauty. It’s crystal clean water beaches meet the verdurous grove and create an impression of thrifts and pine trees rising from within the sea. The area filled with luxurious tourist complexes and rented rooms, as well as a camping site (ex National Tourist Organization).

Camping Prinos