Astris © H.-Gerd Brunnert


On the south-east rim of the island and just a few km from Potos, we can find the small rural settlement of Astris. Its name was given by the inhabitants due to its starlit sky, during their seasonal stay of olive gathering.

Just opposite from Astris, lays a small uninhabited island “Astiriotiko”. According to the tradition, it was the island of the Sirens and as Homer notes, they sang and spellbound the travelers.

However, it is a fact that Astris holds the best climate during the year and as the inhabitants claim, it has the most light and digestible water on the island.

In this area you can find all sorts of beaches, other tourist organized and others not, all of great beauty: St Vasilis, Babouri Amdela, Salonikios, Kalami, "Tou Lolou t' avlaki". Giola, a unique location, owns a special write-up in my web site. In the beginning of the settlement you find “Psili Ammos”. This is a small bay with deep blue and green sea and above it stands a small hill with olive trees which completes this magical view. In various old books, I have found referrals to a therapeutic characteristic of the sand of the beach and the existence of healing spa (eg for arthritis), fact that I couldn’t verify from my personal experience or the inhabitants’ tales. The beach is well organized, offering deck chairs and umbrellas (by charge) and there are cafes and taverns open during the tourist season.

Today, Astris remains out of the irrational touristic development, preserving a traditional profile and develops well its touristic standards..