Kinira village is one of the most beautiful islands of Eastern Thasos. Its name is well known from the ancient years. The wider region is full of ancient findings of the archaic and Roman period. Due to many springs that are spread all over the near slops the Vegetation is very dense.
That's why Kinira is considered as a blessed from the God place. In the past times the permanent residents where few' they were occupied in fishing or cattle-breeding. In the era of olive-gathering, maxouli as it known in the locals, people from all around the island where gathered for this heavy work. Even today that the locals are numerous, the Kinira village and the round area are still developing, thanks to tourists this time. The beautiful beaches and the sparkling waters, are the reasons why that happens.
To the area of Kinira we find a small private island, called kiniriotiko, that is uninhabited, although is even saved today the house of person in which belongs the island. It is covered almost in entire of its surface by pines, wild olive trees and low vegetation in general. The seacoasts surrounding the island are rocky and slippery. But the waters around it are rich in fishes, as the local fishermen claim. In the around marine region until recently, were existed dolphins.

 The communication of visitors of the Kiniriotiko Island becomes exactly the same old way, with boats, and most visitors are fishermen.
The beautiful Kinira are well known for their quietness, the beautiful images that its offer to their visitors and for their famous and unique beach, named Paradisos (Heaven). The short coastline combined with exceptionally shallow, of some a distance, and surprisingly breezing even on summer months waters. If you add the fact that there are always some good short waves to play with, plus the blue-green it is easy to dream yourself on a tropic island… Finally there is o hot-spot on the rocky part of the beach, a well known hangout of nudists.