DENAS Real Estate

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D.e.n.a.S. Real Estate was funded in 2006 aiming at the rendering of services in three main areas:

  • Selling and buying of Real estate.
  • Insurance and Bank Services .
  • Business Consulting – Research – Management of ISO 9001- ISO 22000 (former HAACP) systems.

The company has got one office in Thassos island in the area of Skala Potamias.

Before analyzing each field of action individually, we believe it is important that we inform you that our company provides services of high quality in combination with promptness in the actions necessary in order to have the best results possible. Taking into account the waste of money that time consuming activities in various organizations mean to the investors and by being informed about the current foursomes in the areas mentioned, we are in position to provide substantials and proper proposals to the ones interested, individual or professionals. Each case is dealt with discretion, responsibility, seriousness and precision.

Also, each solution or proposal is adjusted to the profile of our client.Although our company takes action mainly in the area of Northern Greece, this does by no means imply that any kind of cooperation of transaction with clients from other areas of Greece or abroad in not desired. Further more, our company has been employing a group of executives and specialized cooperators whose aim is the financial benefit and fulfillment of our clients’ needs to the greatest extent.


  • Village: Skala Potamias


  • Tel: +30 2593062270
  • Mobile: +30 2593062271
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